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Give your guests a unique experience - Let them control the music

Pyro - Spotify music voting for parties | Product Hunt

A collaborative listening experience

Music is mostly enjoyed together, so why would you have a single person controlling it? Pyro changes this. One user (a.k.a the Host) connects their Spotify Account with Pyro, opens up a party and get’s on the Aux/Speaker. Through the Pyro App, friends can now join the party to influence the hosts Spotify playback in real-time!

5 Minutes to set up

Connect your Spotify account
Open up a party
Pick a playlist to start
Invite your guests via QR Code

You are the boss
No trolling allowed

Pyro lets hosts promote guests to Mods, Kick them, Let them back in, set up a password and much more. We want you to be in full control of your party.
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