1. Do my guests need to have Spotify?

No! Only the host needs to have Spotify. Everybody else a.k.a the guests can just join by scanning a QR Code. They don't need Spotify, they don't even need to download the Pyro app!

2. How do I start my party?

It's easy. After creating an account and connecting your streaming service, you can choose 'New Party' in the middle tab of the app. Follow the steps presented and click finish. Once your party has been created, you can join it by clicking on it in the 'My Parties' tab. Once you've joined, you will be presented with the option to press play and start the music. If you get an error message saying 'No active device found' you can fix it by playing some music in your Spotify. It doesn't matter what exactly you play. Congratulations! You can now start inviting guests by clicking on the big green Share button. You can now completely ignore the music and leave everything to your guests.

3. What if I don't want my party to show up on the map?

In the last step of creating your party, you can choose your party not to be visible on the map. Your guests will stil be able to join by scanning your QR code or by clicking on a link you sent them.

4. Why do you need access to my Spotify/Apple Music Account?

Pyro helps you manage the music at your party so you don't have to. To make our music voting feature possible, Pyro needs access to basic features of your streaming app like skipping songs, searching for them etc. We will never use these privileges to steal your data or make changes to your account without your consent. You can always choose to remove Pyro from your trusted apps directly in the Account settings of your music service.

5. What are Boosts?

If you ain't playin' around and want to offer your guests the best experience possible, you can give your party a Boost to unlock space for more guests. You can also get free Boosts by posting a photo of your party on social media and tagging us on it.

6. How do my guests know how to use Pyro?

Once you opened up your party, you can tap the big green button that says 'Invite'. It will show you a QR Code that once scanned, leads your guest to a website, where they will be able to vote and add songs. They don't even have to download the app! So in a nutshell, just show them the Code or send them an invite link and the rest is very intuitive and easy.

Best practices

1. Once you pressed the big green play button in the Pyro app to start your party, it's best to not touch the Spotify app anymore. If you do this, Pyro might lose sync and the currently displayed song might differ from what's actually playing. So if you just leave Spotify alone after starting the party, everything will work fine.

2. If you want to get control back and stop Pyro you can always just press the pause button in the Pyro app.

3. If something is wrong (e.g. songs are displayed wrongly) you can restart the party by pressing the pause button on the top-right, and then pressing play again. This will start the playlist from the top again and all issues should be gone. You don't have to close the party and open up a new one.